12 April 2013


The NLC is recognized as the only national umbrella organization focused on both mental health and substance abuse for the African American population that represents an array of perspectives and disciplines, including consumers and family members, education, human resource development, nursing, psychiatry and psychology, research, and social work.  It is the only organization with the capacity to network among African American-serving organizations, coordinate information sharing, and develop policy and strategies for addressing the mental health and substance abuse needs of the African American population.  The NLC is the singular organization that clearly recognizes and takes into account the impact of culture and social determinants of health on mental health and substance abuse services and intervention strategies for the African American population.

The NLC has conducted numerous outreach initiatives with community, faith-based and local chambers of commerce to promote health and well-being issues for the African American population.  It is a trusted messenger and broker services and information and for this reason is ideally suited to engage organizations and their constituents who are often reluctant to participate in federal initiatives, even when they are proffered /designed for the benefit of the community.


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