National Leadership Council

Community Based Organization Membership - 100.00 USD

Community based organizations or agencies that have experience in providing mental health services to the African American community.

Affiliate Organization or Agency Members: Organizations or agencies that are interested in public policies, administration, or are knowledgeable in the provision of human services or other related services, which are necessary to ensure quality mental health services to the African American community.

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Individual Membership - 50.00 USD

Individuals who may have expertise in fiscal management, business, public policies, marketing, administration, and/or are interested in mental health issues related to African American communities. Individual members do not have any voting rights.

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Consumer or Family Membership - 25.00 USD

Peers in recovery and/or family members who are interested in issues related to the quality of behavioral health in African Americans.

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Corporate Membership - 1000.00 USD

For profit corporations (i.e. pharmaceutical companies, P&G, etc.) interested in issues related to behavioral health and its impact on African Americans and their communities.

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