The National Leadership Council for African American Behavioral Health (NLC) is a non-profit organization provides leadership in building and supporting mental health and substance abuse systems that reduce disparities and contribute to optimal health in African American communities. The NLC is both culturally competent and informed by a thorough knowledge of behavioral health disparities and extensive experience working with African American communities, national organizations and leadership. 

 It is the singular organization in the country designed to advocate for the inclusion of the interest of African Americans in the creation of national, state, local and private mental health and substance abuse policy, services, research, staffing, education and financing.


NLC received an award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administrations (SAMHSA) to participate in a national learning collaborative and implement culturally and linguistically competent best practice strategies to assist organizations with engaging and enrolling the African American/African Heritage community in affordable health care and health care exchanges.


NLC will ensure members and supporters of the African American community will be educated about ACA and its components, participate in systematic data collection processes, and disseminate information to communities across the United States contributing to an on-going national dialogue on how to improve access to care and increase insurance enrollment. NLC will support the communication exchange between, SAMHSA and its family, consumer, advocates and providers in the nation.


Through the use of technology including conference calls, on-line questionnaires and electronic communication, inclusive of NLC’s website as a central on-line platform, NLC will ensure the National Advisory Board has real-time information, resources and communication exchanges.


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